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Uniquely Styled. Limited Edition. Handcrafted, Luxury Bags.

Crafted from upcycled luxury home furnishing fabrics, these uniquely styled limited edition bags were born from the imagination of designer, Susan Zaccaria.

A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Susan began her career as a women’s suit and dress designer and later moved on to designing women’s evening wear. After many years in the fashion industry, Susan changed her career path when she began working in the New York Design Center where she managed a high end, to the trade, designer furniture showroom.

As her entrepreneurial spirit grew, Susan started an interior design business that specialized in drapery design and fabrication for trade professionals and her personal clientele.

The Creation

Looking for a special way to thank a loyal client for her repeat business, Susan used remnant fabrics from the client’s interior design project as her inspiration for the gift.

What would typically have found its way from the workroom to the trash, an array of remnant luxury textiles were transformed into Susan’s first designer tote bag. This bag was crafted with unique character and style and was large enough to accommodate the needs of a busy Interior Designer. This was the first bag in Susan’s Couture Collection.

Sophisticated & Inspiring Wearable Art

Functional Art

Susan’s tote bags became instantly recognizable, not only as beautiful and unique bags, but also as conversation inspiring pieces of wearable art. The use of multiple fabrics, textures and patterns, coupled with couture sewing techniques and dressmaker details culminated in the creation of tote bags that are one-of-a-kind pieces of art prized for their functionality.

The appliques are hand cut and blanket stitched in Susan’s design studio. This handwork is an artisanal feature, enhancing the beauty and personality of each bag. As in most artisanal products, each bag is slightly different, but all bags are representative of Susan’s vision.

Innovative Reuse Leads to Chic New Collection

Susan’s “Indigo Collection” was created when Susan could not part with her favorite 20-year-old jeans which were beyond repair and unwearable. The jeans had history. The wear and tear and the patches and repairs represented the peaks and valleys of Susan’s life. Susan deconstructed the jeans and created a pattern which became her first knapsack/cross body bag. Cowhide print was an obvious choice for the lining of her new chic bag. Every bag in the collection requires a unique pattern to maximize usage of recycled jeans resulting in a one-of-a-kind knapsack/cross body bag.

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